Heartspace Publications produce books of inspiration – The Best inspirational books that change the world. 

We are a distinctive and unique Australian publisher, where we pay particular attention to the quality of writing, books we offer, and the authors we work with.

As a versatile publishing company, we have numerous genres. Our biggest range is self-help and motivational. We have health books, children’s books, a small selection of novels, and recently we have added a range of books that originated in China, that we felt would be appreciated in the West.

Most of our books become print books, e-Books, and we are soon to be starting with audiobooks.
PicturePat Grayson - CEO
How are we different?
  • We are different because we are small: because I (Pat Grayson) oversee every facet of book production.  
  • As an independent publisher, we are proud of the books that we have to offer our readers, and proud of our authors. 
  • We treat authors as people. We understand that their manuscript is their baby (the testimonials in the Writers Angel section will verify this). Our authors come from all over the world.
  • We are efficient, which means that when you publish through us it can happen as quickly as three months. However, this depends on the state of the manuscript. Our average timeframe is about six months from the time we start working on the manuscript.
  • We ensure that no book is published until it is of a high standard. 
  • There is no bureaucracy at HSP. You always have access to me
  • Because we are small, lean and organised, you will find our rates considerably cheaper than industry averages. 

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