We make your dream of being a self-published or published author come true. My name is Pat Grayson, and I have been a writer for over twenty years and a publisher for the last fourteen years.

I set up Writers Angel because I am passionate about supporting authors like you to become published. This is whether you have a finished manuscript or are struggling to write the first word, I would love to assist you to become a successfully published author.

​We are based outside of Melbourne, Australia, but have clients in Sydney, Adelaide, South Africa, Italy, New Zealand, America, China, in fact, all over the world.

​You may want us to help you improve your writing skill. Many of our authors have grown from ordinary writer’s through to being very good

Benefit from our experience 

We have published over fifty titles (see our catalogue page) and we have just about seen it all. From our experience we have developed a program that ensures the best possible result.

Here’s how:

  • We will be upfront about costs and time frames, which will vary depending on how much work is required.
  • If the manuscript is not up to scratch, we encourage you to improve it and give you the necessary advice to do so.
  • Heartspace Publications will not publish any work that is not of a good standard. Through our step-support program we support and guide you until the book is acceptable – sometimes this happens quickly – sometimes it takes time.
  • We will keep you informed during the process and time frames for each step. The lines of communication are always open because we realise how important this process is to our authors –  I give you my personal guarantee.
  • As part of the teaching process, Writers Angel offers writing skill workshops at a reduced price to our clients. 
  • Low financial risk! We’ll even show you how to recover your costs from the books we supply you!

​We are fully paid up members of The Australian Book Publishers, and IBPA (America).