The key to self publishing in Australia, and internationally, is attention to detail. In fact, so important, you really need to become a one-person “self-publishing” business so you can apply that attention to detail.

So where do you need the attention to detail? 

Quality control

Most first time self publisher’s lack quality control skills, so their beautifully written book is let down because the finished book looks sloppy (not enough attention to detail as they don’t know what is required). The gutter is too small, or the layout sucks, with widows and orphans everywhere. Professionals, within the industry (book buyers, retailers, libraries, etc.) can spot a badly prepared book at a hundred paces. Do not think that your layout designer or print company will automatically do a great job. YOU must manage them, and watch them like a hawk – you can only do that when you know what to look for.

The second attention to detail is marketing. Gone are the days when one delegates the marketing to their publisher. Listen up… your book will only sell if you roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. You need a website for the book (you could use a platform like ETSY), a Facebook blog, with regular posts. You need to Tweet, tell many thousands of people. You need promotions – all electronically based, you need Goodreads and many other avenues.

I have been fortunate enough to have helped over forty authors create their book. The authors that work hard to promote their work, are the authors that sell. Conversely, the authors who seem to think the book will sell itself, and therefore don’t do any social media marketing… well, they still have a garage full of books.

In summary

When you self publish, you literally run a small company, where your learning curve is high (especially to start with) and it is ongoing (the Tech stuff changed monthly).

When deciding on going the self-publishing route, look at the time available, and if you want to spend that time caressing your baby into life, then do it. And if you have that time and devotion, the results are worthwhile