Getting Into The Flow




How I learnt to live in magic, and flow, and you can too.

What if life was meant to be lived in magic and flow? With a hidden hand guiding us to fulfill our mission and purpose?
And the universe/God/Goddess standing by, ready to pitch in with synchronicities, coincidences, opportunities, resources and exquisite timing to help us create it all?
This is magic. This is the flow. And this book will remind us of how to step back into it. That there is a universal energetic flow, and when we align with it through finding our true nature, our true path, we begin to live in magic and flow, with so much less physical effort, mental stress, and spiritual angst.
This book tells of how this lesson came to me through the events of 2020. It gives the foundational principles that underpin magic and flow; and of the intuitive skills and tools that I had learned and practiced over several years. This has enabled me to recognize and understand the lessons from those events.

About the author: Vincent G. Melling is an author, speaker, teacher, and coach, based in Melbourne, Australia.

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Author and copyright: Vincent G. Melling

Publication Date: March 2024

Format: paperback, 210 x 148 mm  360 pages

RRP: $39.005

ISBN: 978-0-6452761-6-9


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