Easy Spelling’s Sound Dictionary


An Invaluable Phonics Aid

At the heart of early language development lies phonics – this sound dictionary comprehensively guides educators, parents, and advanced learners through the fascinating landscape of phonics.

A comprehensive resource

1) Easy Spelling’s Sound Dictionary categorises words based on shared sound patterns,
enabling learners to recognise and practice similar sounds. Includes authentic
examples and usage of contextual sentences.
2) Seamlessly aligns with evolving curriculum mandates worldwide for phonics education.
3) For teachers, the dictionary serves as a lesson-planning ally. Streamline preparation,
access comprehensive content, and enhance teaching with engaging and effective
phonics examples.
4) Particularly relevant for advanced learners or teachers where English is not the mother
tongue, illustrating precise nuances of pronunciation.


Author and copyright: Easy-Spelling Australia (based on the copyrighted work of Jenny Lamond. Jenny Lamond received the Australian Order of Merit {AOM} for her work in remedial education).

Publication Date: February 2024, Melbourne

Format: paperback, 230 x 160 mm – 160 pages

RRP: $35.95AU

ISBN: 978-0-6452761-8-3 (Print); 978-0-6452761-9-0 (ePub)

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